Nedim Remili: 'Modern-day heroes'

Although all the Paris Saint-Germain Handball players are currently in quarantine, we spoke to the ever-good humoured Nedim Remili, who gave us some news.

How are you doing during this period of confinement?
So far, it's going pretty well. It's been almost a week... I'm lucky I'm not alone. I'm with my girlfriend in a small house and we have a dog and a cat. So we can keep busy and have fun. It's tough to see the situation outside, especially when we go shopping or when we watch the news. But we keep smiling and keep in touch with our loved ones!

As a professional athlete, how do you manage to keep in shape?
We're not letting ourselves go... On the contrary! We got a message from our nutritionist, whom we can reach whenever we want. Our fitness trainer also gave us a programme. My girlfriend is also a sportswoman, so we keep talking. We know that we can start again at any time, which is what we hope. We have to be ready.

Do you have any advice for the fans so that they too can keep fit?
You have to stay on the basics: push-ups, abs... You can't do very crazy things... You don't want to go breaking everything in your by playing ball sports [laughs]!

Do you have a message for the medical profession?
I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. They are incredible people. They are modern-day heroes who can save us from this disease. I hope they will beat it! We're really lucky to have them. Now we all have to look after our loved ones.

Watch the full interview with Nedim Remili on video.