Irene Paredes: 'An incredible stadium'

The captain of the Paris Saint-Germain Women's team spoke about Matchday 9 of D1 against Lyon on Friday 20 November at 21:00 at the Parc des Princes.

Irene, we can feel Paris Saint-Germain getting closer and closer to Lyon. What do you think that you and your teammates are missing in order to beat OL?
"In our last matches against them, it has been those little details that have made the difference. We are still trying to correct them. I think that we are becoming a better team after each of these matches. For me, we have taken another step forward this year. We are getting better and better, everyone is progressing. We work well to prepare for every match and to adapt our system and our way of playing for each and every encounter. It will be the same before this match against Lyon."

The team hasn't conceded a goal since the start of the season. Will keeping a clean sheet be important?
"Of course, the aim is to win the match. Our role is to defend and not concede a goal. If that's the case, we will clearly have a better chance of winning the game. We will therefore have the objective of not conceding, especially the defenders and the keeper. That will make it easier to get the win. We will also need to create chances and score. But a clean sheet will be really important." 

Does your role as a leader and captain of this team come into its own before this kind of match?
"It will be as it always is. I like giving my teammates responsibilities. We are all professionals, and we know our objective. We know how to prepare for this match. If there are doubts or I can help in any way, I would do it. If it's not the case, it's best to leave things to the usual way and not change the way of doing things. If things are going well, it's better to continue in the same way!"

The team will take to the pitch of the Parc des Princes for this encounter…
"It's great! We are really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, there won't be any supporters, but playing at the Parc des Princes… there are no words! We have already played there in the Champions League a few years ago. It's an incredible stadium, which will give us strength and motivation. I think that travelling there can be slightly daunting, so we will need to make the most of it. It's also positive for the media coverage that the game will get and for the development of women's football."