Viran Morros: 'The most important thing is to win and stay top'

On Tuesday afternoon, Paris Saint-Germain Handball claimed a 20th victory in as many Lidl StarLigue games - a league record! - as they beat Istres 39-26 in their rescheduled Round 11 fixture in the capital. Check out what Raul Gonzalez, Viran Morros and Mathieu Grébille had to say.

Raul Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball coach):
"The beginning of the first half was difficult. But little by little, we took the upper hand. This run of 20 wins proves that everyone is doing a good job. It's special because you don't know when a team will do better... It was important to win to prepare for our game on Saturday, against second-placed Montpellier, which will be a small final. Even if we win, nothing will be definitive, because in France, every teams can win. But it could put us in a good position, especially before our EHF Champions League quarterfinal."

Viran Morros (Paris Saint-Germain Handball left-back):
"The schedule is complicated right now. We only had one training session, a quieter one, after Dunkerque and before today. But we managed our game well. We made the difference at the beginning of the second half and we played well until the end. I'm happy with our 20-game winning streak in the league, but the most important thing is to win and stay top. On Saturday, we have an important game against Montpellier. If we win this game, we will have a good lead in the standings. But our winning the title still won't be assured."

Mathieu Grébille (Paris Saint-Germain Handball left-winger):
"It was important to win. It was not easy because we played two days ago. But the fact that everyone was good and concentrated allowed us to rotate a bit. It makes it easier for us to handle the games. We finished this big week on a good note. Our 20 wins show that the team is good! We've had a good start to the season and I hope we go all the way. There will be a big fight against Montpellier, then we will have to play Nantes and Toulouse. On Saturday, we play against our direct opponent for the title, who will want to win at Coubertin. We were able to make the difference on their turf (32-36) and we have to repeat that performance. A victory would not make anything official, but would give us an important margin."

(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)