Verratti: ‘Make our supporters happy’

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti spoke to about the China Tour 2019 and preparations for the 2019-20 season, before looking ahead to the Trophée des Champions, this Saturday against Rennes, at 19:30 (13:30 in France) at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre.

Marco, preseason is an important time for a player, but perhaps not the most enjoyable?

"No, it’s not the most fun time of the season! Generally we don’t see much of the football, even if the coach tries to include it as much as possible so that each exercise has a specific objective, a clear goal. But yes, it is a difficult time, but ultimately for our own good. We are currently working in very difficult conditions, very hot temperatures that we’re not used too, we are travelling a lot, but it will hold us in good stead for the coming season. We are adapting and working harder and harder. This is the moment of the season where we really have to work hard."


It’s also the opportunity for you and your teammates to live together and strengthen those bonds and friendships even further…

"Focusing on the football is very important. We are here together for two weeks, living together 24 hours a day. We have a great squad. Almost all the players were at the squad last year. New players signing is also important. The new guys are very nice and they have settled in very quickly. That’s important because, when we are confronted with a big challenge during the season, we need to stay united to overcome it!"

You played alongside Ander Herrera against Inter Milan. What do you think of him?

"Ander has a lot of experience. He has really impressed me. But I’m not surprised, because every time I’ve played against him, he fought for everything, right to the final whistle. When I got forward, he was always right behind me! He will be a great addition to the squad and help us reach our objectives."


What do you think is the most important thing in this China Tour 2019?

"Winning on 3 August! That’s the most important thing because we are here preparing for a match that could see us add another trophy to our collection. It’s a very important match. This match is a reward for all our hard work last season and is the first trophy we can win this season. Each year we always want to win this trophy. We need to prepare well and approach the game in the best possible way. It won’t be an easy game because Rennes will also be looking to win. We are not yet 100% and there will be a lot of factors determining the outcome of the match. We need to be ready."

You can also extend your record as the most successful player in the competition’s history with six wins so far…

"To have the chance to write your name into the history books doesn’t happen every day, especially not in modern football!  It would be great. I hope to make our supporters happy, supporters of a club that has given me so much. I will do everything to try and win this match and have an incredible season, both on a team and individual level."


The club also launched the new away shirt on this China Tour 2019 when you and Kylian Mbappé went to the Jordan Store in Shenzhen…

"It was great! It was a really great moment, a really good afternoon. There were a lot of people! Kylian and I had the honour of unveiling the new away jersey and it was a real pleasure. The shirt? It’s a great shirt. When we played against Inter Milan, a lot of the Italian players asked me for it because they thought it was magnificent!"