Verratti: 'An important moment in my career'

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti spoke to PSG TV after putting pen to paper on a three-year contract extension with the capital club.

Marco, how does it feel to sign a new deal through to 2024?
It's something that makes me very happy, I feel good. I think I'm at an important age of my career. I think that at 27 years old, you know a lot more things, you have more experience and I think that's the age to do things right. That's why I'm really happy to be able to spend it here in Paris. As I said on the first day I arrived here, I feel really good here in Paris.

What are you ambitions for the future?
I'm playing for a team that has a very big project. For me, it's the main thing because I always want to win as much as possible. Paris has given me this opportunity because we have a great team, we have a great coach. We can do great things together. 


What has changed since you first signed here in 2012?
I think every year we've grown. Every year, we learn new things. I think that when you're older, you have more experience. We have done it with time, we have done it with defeats, we have done it with victories. These things make you better. I feel like I feel good. I feel very good on the field and that's the most important thing.

After seven seasons in Paris, do you feel you are a part of this club's history now? 
Yes, I am a little like that. I am someone who gets attached very quickly. I think Paris has given me a lot. Paris made my dream come true: to play great games with great players, against great players. That's what Paris allowed me to do and I feel really good here. I hope I can repay all the things they've done for me, with hard work, only to give it all for this jersey. After that, I can't guarantee that we'll win everything, but we'll try everything to try to win what everyone expects.