Thiago Silva and Marco Verratti describe their lockdown

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Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva and Marco Verratti tell us about their daily routines during the current lockdown.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, all members of the Paris Saint-Germain squad have seen their daily routine changed beyond recognition. With a personalised programme provided by the club, the lockdown is a novel experience for Thiago Silva and Marco Verratti.

"I work every day. I think that I am even doing more than I was before. Because before with the matches that we had, we didn't have a lot of time to train, or to recover when we had slight niggles. At the moment, I am making the most of it to do a bit of everything. To work on my strength and also more gentle exercises. I am also working mentally, because we are used to playing a sport. I am lucky to have a treadmill at home, so I can run a bit." Marco explained on a video call.


This unordinary situation hasn't stopped Thiago Silva from checking in on his teammates and fulfilling his role as captain: "It's a strange period, we need to adapt, life goes on. In life, there are moments like that, more difficult times. The positive is that we are all able to make the most of spending some more time with our families. But it's of course a very difficult time, not only for footballers but for everyone. I have spoken with the coach, we often send each other messages. We have a squad Whatsapp group too, we are always talking, every week we talk, to see how things are going, if there is any news to share, if there is any change on the return date. But I know my squad, it's a very responsible squad. You often see the videos on their Instagram, their training sessions, but when you work with everyone on a daily basis, you know that the guys are responsible. We need to be professional and continue to work, because we aren't on holiday. It's a moment to take note of our responsibilities. And to be ready if we need to play again."


Above and beyond them adapting to this new way of life, it's the lack of time spent with the squad that is having the greatest impact on Thiago and Marco. "We talk a lot, we keep in touch, we check in on others. It's understandable that we miss it because we are usually together every day. It's true that it's a routine and that every day is the same, but at the same time, it's always strange because in training we are always doing different things. Time passes by differently from one day to the next with friends, that's what I am really missing. It feels like a year ago that we last played in the stadium, in front of our fans, I am missing it a lot. The emotions after scoring a goal, after a victory... These are things that we are missing a lot, especially as we were used to experiencing them every day." The Brazilian international thought back on the victory and the exceptional atmosphere outside of the stadium for the second leg of the Round of 16 of the Champions League against Dortmund. "I was used to training every day, being on the pitch every day with the ball, with my teammates and the staff. And of course on matchdays with the fans and the supporters, with that atmosphere. The last match that we played without the fans was crazy. Without them in the ground, even though they were outside singing throughout the match. It was magnificent to experience that for the first time." 


Both players wanted to send their personal support to all hospital staff but also to those who are struggling at home. "Today we are all equals, we all have a huge responsibility. It's one of the first times ever that we have all had such a large responsibility, that is why we need to show that we are strong. In Italy and in France, we are countries that remain united during the difficult times. I clap every evening at 8pm with my children on my balcony. It's an emotional moment because they work 12, 15, 18 hours a day. They put themselves in danger, they put their families in danger because when they return home, they come into contact with their children and their parents. They are doing magnificent work." declared Verratti.


Thiago Silva echoed the sentiments of his teammate. "We need to stay calm, even though it is difficult. It's a period in which we need to adapt, take on responsibility. The most important thing is to remain healthy. Because if we are healthy, we can get back to the things we are used to doing and that we like doing. But for the moment, the main thing is to stay home, look after ourselves in order to come back stronger. Because every difficult moment that you live through in your life, is the one that you laugh about when you look back on it. The difficult times pass by."