Paris Saint-Germain makes a first donation of €100,000 to the Secours populaire français charity to help vulnerable people in the face of the public health crisis

With its long-term partner, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation is providing aid and support to children, the elderly and the homeless who have all been hit hard by the public health crisis, as well as supporting the Secours Populaire Français’ doctors working in the field on a daily basis and helping to train volunteers.

This €100,000 donation is in addition to the €400,000 partnership agreement between the Club and the Secours Populaire Français, renewed in March 2020 for three additional years and which will help the Secours Populaire Français in its daily work to help thousands of people in difficulty.

Paris Saint-Germain and the Secours Populaire Français have worked together for over ten years and first signed their partnership agreement in 2016. The Parisian club’s actions aim to help the country’s most vulnerable population groups, primarily in the Greater Paris region.

In response to the public health crisis, the €100,000 will be used for the following four things:
- Helping the Secours Populaire Français’ doctors by paying for personal protective equipment and the training of 2,000 volunteers who can provide information, answer queries and communicate protective measures
- Helping isolated children without school by paying for 5,000 educative kits with equipment for lessons, games and recreational activities
- Helping approximately 900 homeless people by setting up frequent soup kitchens, providing hygiene products and maintaining social ties
- Helping isolated or elderly people by delivering 10,000 food parcels, providing hygiene products and maintaining social ties

Thierry Robert, CEO of the Secours Populaire Français, stated: “The Secours Populaire Français and our 80,000 volunteer coordinator/fundraisers are very grateful for the support of Paris Saint-Germain. Once again, Paris Saint-Germain is responding to a call from our charity to help those victims of poverty or social exclusion. This support will enable the Secours Populaire Français to act quickly to relieve the suffering of those most affected by the consequences of this unprecedented crisis. This ongoing partnership between the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation and the Secours Populaire Français is a long-term, faithful partnership and a valuable societal initiative in which everyone is taking an active role in promoting the values of solidarity through joint actions. Together we are investing for a more humane world!”

Sabrina Delannoy, Deputy Director of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, added: “The Secours Populaire Français is a long-term partner of the Foundation and we work with them on a number of projects, especially in the Greater Paris region. In the face of the current crisis, the Foundation wanted to set an example and contribute to the solidarity effort by supporting our most vulnerable populations, namely children, the elderly, the homeless and the Secours Populaire Français’ doctors who have bravely swung into action. This donation to the Secours Populaire Français is the first in our commitment to help the most vulnerable people. We have been working for several days on fundraising projects that we will soon be putting in place with the health authorities.”


About the Secours Populaire Français

Founded in 1945, the Secours Populaire Français is a non-profit organisation, recognised as having a public purpose and declared an important national cause. It is authorised to receive donations and charitable bequests. The charity took on the mission to tackle poverty and discrimination in France and worldwide. It brings together all kinds of people, from all different backgrounds and walks of life, who want to keep solidarity alive. The Secours Populaire Français’ 80,000 volunteer fundraisers and leaders give aid to 3,265,030 disadvantaged people in France and worldwide. The charity is appealing for financial donations: