Perle Morroni: "Being back on the pitch does me a lot of good"

Since a few days ago, the Paris Saint-Germain defender has been working on her physical condition in the company of Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto. Questioned by PSG TV during one of the sessions at Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, Perle Morroni spoke about the fitness work and her ambitions for next season.

Perle, how has this period been for you?
"At the start of it, it was difficult in confinement but since lockdown has ended it has been better. Since a few days ago, with Kadidiatou (Diani) et Marie-Antoinette (Katoto) we have been back in training with a fitness coach. Being back on the pitch does me a lot of good and it's good to get out there and see something different."

Did you learn things during confinement, whether on a sporting or on a personal level? 
"I wasn't alone because I was with my Mum during confinement. The period allowed me to focus on myself and to come out of it with new objectives."  

What are you missing the most at the moment? 
"I miss my teammates. Our daily routine as well. What I'm missing most of all is playing football. Playing matches and the games that we do in training."

In what way have the sessions you've been doing in recent days been different?
"They have been physical sessions. We're preparing ourselves from an athletic standpoint in order to be in good condition when we get going again. Football will come back naturally. If our bodies are good then we'll be good with the ball as well."

And what do you make of these sessions that are similar to pre-season sessions?
"They are physical sessions and we know they're difficult. But we are well looked after and we're progressing little by little. The sensations are coming back and we're feeling better and better."

After the season stopped, do you have even greater motivation to go out and win trophies next season?
"Before the league season was halted we were getting ready to take on Lyon in a decisive match for the French title. We can't know what would have happened. But all of that is behind us now and now we need to move forward. We did good things last season. We need to reproduce that and raise our level in order to win trophies next season."

Do you have a message to get across?
"We're missing the supporters and the atmosphere of the Jean-Bouin. We can't wait to play in the stadium again and to win for them."