Oriane Jean-François: 'My first full season'

As the season drew to a close with a final victory at Soyaux, it's the perfect opportunity to review the season. Our midfielder Oriane Jean-François looks back on the campaign and discusses the objectives going forward.

Oriane, how would you sum up the season as a whole?

"We were a great team to watch. We played well, no matter the opponent or the stakes. Despite all the constraints we had to face, we managed to stay on course right to the end and had the chance to play in two finals."

You were used regularly and in different positions. On a personal level, how would you rate your season?

"For me, it was the first full season, a first season where I felt consistent with my performances and where I played so many matches. Obviously, I'm not happy with the way things turned out, but I think that in terms of performances and progress in particular, it's been a very positive season."

What do you remember most about your Coupe de France campaign?

"I think that despite the defeat in the final, we had a great run. The match where we had the most emotion was the one against Bordeaux, where we qualified on penalties. I think that was the highlight of this Coupe de France."

In the league, there was your win over Olympique Lyonnais...

"A win at Lyon, it's special, it has a different flavour to other matches. It was the game that put us in first place at the winter break. I think that in terms of league results, it's our benchmark match this season."

A few days later, you beat Real Madrid in the UEFA Women's Champions League at the Parc des Princes...

"It was an exceptional experience. I think that if I had to remember just one match from this season, that is one of the ones that I would remember. It was my first time at the Parc des Princes and the atmosphere was exceptional. A match that saw us qualify for the quarter-finals - an incredible memory."

You have been included in the provisional squad for the World Cup, which will start in July. How are you feeling before this competition?

"I'm preparing for this World Cup and I hope to be there! While I'm waiting for the definitive list, I'm going to take things carefully and pay attention to my body. We'll see how it goes. It'll be my first, at 21 years old. I think that every sportsperson wants to play in a competition like this and to win it, especially for their country."

Finally, what message would you like to pass on to the fans who have followed you this season?

"I would like to thank them for their support because until the very end, they were there for us. A big thank you to them and we hope to make them proud next season."

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