Olivier Echouafni: "In the continuity of our most recent matches"

The coach of the Paris Saint-Germain women’s team answered our questions, two days before the start of the league, kicking off the new season.

Coach, how is the squad doing?
"We wanted to recover mentally and physically after the Final 8 of the Champions League. Those are matches that leave a trace, notably physically and emotionally. We're disappointed that we didn't make it to the final, but that's part of the game. We weren't far off making things tip in our favour and we're going to get there."


The season kicks off on Saturday...
"Of course we are focusing on the new season and it's come around quickly because on Saturday we'll face Guingamp. We haven't really had time to think and that's no bad thing. The 19-20 season is over, the 20-21 season starts now. The start of the week was a little bit difficult but after that the players got back into work mode. We're now preparing for the first round of the league season, we're working hard and the players are fit."

What is the importance of the first match?
"If we want to hope to win the league, we'll need to show from the off what we are capable of. That means starting well on Saturday. It won't be easy because Guingamp are a very well organised side, very structured, who cause problems to all teams. It will be a big challenge, in the continuity of our recent matches, and it's up to us to be respond in the right way in every department."