Nadia Nadim: 'The adventure continues, thank you Paris'

The Denmark international forward has only been with the capital club six months, but has now extended her contract and is looking forward to the future.

Nadia, you've extended your Paris Saint-Germain contract. Tell us about your love affair with the club.
There are so many things. Firstly, I fell in love, not just with the city of Paris, but also the French mentality in general. It suits me perfectly. I love their relaxed, laid-back approach, and I also like my teammates. They're great players and this club is one of the biggest in Europe. I feel better as a player, but also as a person since I've been here. And I think I still have a lot to learn and give to the club. It's something natural for me, and I'm already enthusiastic about next season.

How have things been in Rouge-et-Bleu so far?
My last season here was fantastic. As a player, I'm a little disappointed not to have won the title, but we have grown as a team, even if there is still a lot to learn. The basis for our improvement is already there. There's only the need for some small adjustments, notably mentally. We have the players, we have a lot of talent in the squad, but we lack experience because the team is very young. The last step to take is a mental one. We have to believe it's possible. One of the last matches of the season was against Chelsea. We lost the first leg 2-0, but we showed a lot of character to win the second leg 2-1, but it wasn't enough to qualify. We have to show that winner's mentality in every game, particularly in big games against Lyon or in the Champions League.

What can you bring to the team in the years to come?
I think I can bring my experience of big games, because I've already played in a lot of them. I have already been under pressure, I love that and I want these young players to love that. It's something I learned during my time in the USA. I had had it before, but it's something that became crucial during that time. And you can learn a lot from it, because football is 80 per cent mental.