Morroni: 'Win titles!'

Young full-back Perle Morroni spoke to after extending her contract with the capital club for a further two seasons.

Perle, how does it feel to have at least another tw years with Paris Saint-Germain?
"I am very proud to have extended my time with Paris Saint-Germain. They are a great club and I have ambitions, both personal and collective. I really want to succeed here with Paris, and extending my contract was a dream and an objective. I am really, very happy to be continuing here."

How do judge your time at the capital club since you first arived in 2012?
"I am still young. I won titles with the U19s and it's a good record so far. All these seasons in Rouge et Bleu have helped me progress. And I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I want to win more titles with the first team."

What are your objectives with Paris?
"I really want to make a place for myself in the starting XI and win titles. After that, why not look to making the France national team. But that will only happen if I perform well here, with Paris Saint-Germain."