Marina Georgieva's Austria victorious over Belgium

Marina Georgieva and Austria ran out 3-2 winners over Belgium in a friendly on Friday 7 April.

Marina Georgieva, who joined GΓ©rard PrΓͺcheur's squad in February, picked up another international start for her national team.Β 

After trailing 2-0 at the hour-mark, the Austrians managed to turn the situation around, scoring three goals in the final half an hour to secure a 3-2 win.

Wiener Neustadt Arena (Austria)
Goals:Β  Puntigam (78') Degen (84') Wienroither (90+5') for Austria, Wijnants (47') and Blom (51') for Belgium.
AUSTRIAΒ : Kresche, Wienroither, Wenninger (c), Georgieva, Aschauer, Hobinger, Zadrazil, Feiersinger, Dunst, Billa, Naschenweng.
Coach: I. Fuhrmann.
BELGIUM : Evrard, Cayman (c), De Caigny, Vanhaevermaet, Deloose, Missipo, Biesmans, Dhont, Detruyer, Eurlings, Blom.
Coach: I. Serneels