Marie-Antoinette Katoto: 'We're heading to Lyon full of determination'

On the eve of the UEFA Women's Champions League semi-final first leg against Olympique Lyonnais at OL Stadium on Saturday 20 April (19:00), Paris Saint-Germain's women's striker answered questions from PSG TV and the media. Here are some extracts.


"We're determined to have a great season. At the moment, we're doing really well and we've given ourselves the chance to dream big. So we're going to do everything we can to make it a fantastic season. We're all competitors. We don't like to lose, so our unbeaten run is obviously pleasing. It shows that we'll never give up, even if it means only salvaging a point. We prepared very well and we know what we have to do. We've put in a lot of hard work. I wouldn't say we're used to it, but after previous years, I think we've accumulated a bit more experience. We've often been in the final four, and we've often been drawn against Lyon. This season, I think it will be a completely different game."


"I don't think Lyon are any more difficult to beat than usual. Lyon are Lyon. We're going to give everything we've got in both games, no matter who we're up against. Playing against former team-mates or team-mates in the French national team is always a pleasure. That said, we're not going to be friends for the next few days! But that's football. We accept it, there's nothing to worry about. Each of us is going to try to put on our best face, and we'll do it with respect. May the best team win and go through to the final!"


"To have two French teams in the Champions League semi-finals is obviously positive. To be at this level is really something to be proud of. After that, we're the best of enemies! We know each other well. It's going to be 50-50, an open game, a great encounter. We're going there full of determination. We're preparing calmly."


"We're very happy with the boys' qualification. They deserve it, given their season. We're obviously behind them, as are the other Paris Saint-Germain teams. I think the fact that we're all together this season has been a plus. We follow the other teams even more and are even more united. We also spend more time at the Campus. We're all hoping to have a great season for the club because we all deserve it. We've all worked hard and given a lot. The boys, the girls, the youngsters... We all wish each other the best and a great end to the season."


"I'm feeling better. Everything has been well managed since the start of the season. We've been communicating a lot with the medical staff. I honestly didn't expect my return to go so well. I've accepted everything: the bad times when I had to play less, the times when things were going well and the times when things weren't going so well. But I'm much better today."


"I think it will come down to details. We talked about it a bit in the dressing room and, if I remember correctly, we gave away a lot of goals in our last semi-final against Lyon. Concentration, plenty of effort and the desire to give everything right to the end, in both matches, will be decisive. I think the return leg at the Parc des Princes will also be very important for us. In any case, I hope we can break the attendance record and draw a big crowd. We're also looking forward to playing at their place, without pressure, but with a lot of determination."