Kadidiatou Diani: "Train at our best before it kicks off again"

Over the last two and a bit weeks, Kadidiatou Diani has been working on her physical condition in the company of Perle Morroni and Marie-Antoinette Katoto. For PSG TV, the Paris Saint-Germain forward spoke about her training and her desire to get back to competitive football.

Kadi, full pre-season training is around the corner... How is the wait?
"For the last few days, I've been training with Perle (Morroni) and Marie-Antoinette (Katoto). We owe it to ourselves to keep our fitness levels up. We'll try to train the best we can in order to be ready when the time comes."


Can you tell us a bit more about the training session you're doing today (interview conducted on Wednesday June 3)
"It's a session to prevent any problems with the ankles and knees. Today we're not really pushing it, we're doing exercises to reinforce. Even though this session isn't easy, it's not the most difficult of the week. It will be much harder later on when we start doing interval training for example."


After two months in confinement, do these sessions feel like a sort of pre-season? 
"Yes, that's the case and it wasn't easy getting back into it. At home we don't have all the equipment we usually have and so it was difficult to train even if we did the best we could."

What are you missing the most at the moment?
"I'm missing competitive football a lot: the league, the Champions League... We'll have to be patient a while longer as the matches are not going to start up again straight away."


Is the curtailed 2019/2020 season a source of frustration?
"Yes, absolutely. We all wanted to finish the season off but unfortunately given the health situation, it was preferable to call a halt to proceedings. I think it was the right decision but, of course, one that was not favourable to us and we're disappointed that we weren't able to go out and get the league title. If things evolve in a positive way then maybe we'll have the chance to finish off the Coupe de France and the Champions League."