Irene Paredes: "Matches with much at stake"

The Spanish international spoke to PSG TV about the squad’s return to training and the matches coming up in the weeks to come.

Irene, the squad only recently returned to training. How did you feel at the moment you all got back together?
"It's a great pleasure to all be back together after so much waiting. We all had so much desire to come back and get working again. At last we were able to do so and we're now channelling that desire into our preparations."

What was confinement like for you?
"I stayed in France to start with, and as we had an hour to go out every day I used that time to stay fit. Once we realised that the league season wasn't going to start up again, I returned to Spain in order to see my family."


How was your physical condition at the start of the preparations?
"I worked a lot, I never eased up and I always did everything in order to be at my best for the return. Physically I feel good but it's about getting up to match speed, playing again with my teammates, working on the duels, the changes of direction and touching the ball again. I'd missed all of that."

There are also important matches coming up...
"The season stopped at a critical time and that was very frustrating. We want to play again and we want to get back to our best, and to see our fans again."


How do your prepare for such matches?
"We haven't forgotten that matches with much at stake are coming up for us. The most important thing is to get back into good physical condition, get the sensations back with the ball at our feet, be back together and come together as a squad again."

What are the objectives for the squad this summer?
"We need to learn our lessons from last season. There are great things to be done and trophies to be won. Our objective is to do as well as possible and to win a title. That would be a great reward for all the squad."