Diani: 'We are very motivated'

Just days before the first leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter-finals away to Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain forward Kadidiatou Diani revelaed just how much she and her teammates are looking forward to the clash:

Kadidiatou, how was it getting back into action after the international break?
"Pretty good. We worked hard all week before travelling to Birmingham for a friendly match (1-1). It was good and we have prepared well for the match against Chelsea in the Champions League. We have some big matches coming up that will decide how our season turns out."

How is the team approaching the Chelsea match?
"We are working very closely with the coaching staff with video sessions and tactical training on the pitch. We are trying to do what the coach wants, to learn how we need to play against this team. We are staying calm and focused and we are very motivated!"

What do you know about this Chelsea side?
"Personally, I don't know them. I know they have a few internationals in their squad, but I haven't seen them play or played against them. The coaching staff will fill us in. We wil analyse the video and that will help us for the match."

What do you think are the main differences between the French and English game?
"It's a bit different. Let's say they are a little bit more athletic. They will be looking to play a more physical style, as opposed to us, who like to pass the ball around."