Mikkel Hansen: 'With PSG, you want to play against the best'

On Sunday afternoon, Paris Saint-Germain Handball play host Barcelona in Velux EHF Champions League Group A's blockbuster fixture. Mikkel Hansen, who was absent from the first leg (36-32), gave us his thoughts on a match that could prove decisive in the race for first place.

Psg.fr: This clash with Barcelona, is just about the most important match of this group stage...
Mikkel Hansen: If you don't want to play against Barcelona, I think you can call time on your career. Barcelona have a very good team and everyone wants to be a part of this type of match. I know a lot of people there. When you play for Paris, you want to play against the best.

We know that they are a team that makes their opponents run a lot...
Indeed... It wasn't easy in the first leg, because we were missing some key players at the back. I think it will be tighter at Coubertin. It's going to be a matter of small details.


Is it frustrating to once again have some injury absences for such a big fixture?
That's the way it is for all teams. Everyone would like to have the positions doubled for each match, but that's not always possible. We have very good players in each position, so it's easier for us to rotate the squad.

How do you feel after your early-season injury?
I feel fine! After a month and a half out of action, it's normal to lose some of your momentum, but it comes back. It just takes a couple of training sessions. I should be back to the same physical level as before. It was a head injury, so it was unusual, because it was not the physiotherapists' decision, but rather the neurologist's.

In January, you will participate in the Euro with Denmark. After your World Cup win, are you among the favourites?
there are lots of teams who can win it. The level is very high. Here too, it will come down to details. That's how it has been in previous competitions too. If the team is not focused during a game, everything stops. There is pressure, but it is there for everyone. I like it! I like it!


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(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)