Mathieu Grébille: 'Act, don't react'

On Wednesday afternoon, Paris Saint-Germain Handball won an important victory away to Porto (31-34), in EHF Champions League Matchday 7 action, after being behind by four goals at the break. Jesus Gonzalez, Benoît Kounkoud and Mathieu Grébille looked back on this victory.

Jesus Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball assistant coach):
"It's an important victory! It's the first one away from home. We started our European campaign badly, so we had to win today. It was difficult because we were down by four goals at the break. But Raul corrected a few details... above all, he encouraged the players to have a better second half. We showed strong spirit! We attacked better and above all defended much better."

Benoît Kounkoud (Paris Saint-Germain Handball right-winger):
"It was a real match of two halves... we suffered, but we found a way to hit back! We're happy, because we were looking for this win as a team. We have to do much better. In the return match, next week, it will be the same fight! It's up to us to do what is necessary. Our objective is to win them all, but sometimes, we put ourselves in difficulty. It was absolutely necessary to impose ourselves and we must continue. There is fatigue, but it is the case for all the teams. So it's up to us to do what's necessary to make the matches easy for ourselves."

Mathieu Grébille (Paris Saint-Germain Handball left-winger):
"Our first half was bad. We got caught out too often and we fell behind. Then we did what it took to come back. We should be able to play two halves like the second one. We were only four goals behind, so it was recoverable and we did it. We reacted well, but it's better to act first. We're not going to be able to come back every time... We have to be in the game from the first minute.

(Credits: J. Azouze/PSG)