Luc Abalo to join Elverum next season

The French international winger, who has reached the end of his contract at Paris Saint-Germain, has officially signed a one-year contract with the Norwegian club.

Luc Abalo arrived in Paris at the end of summer 2012, fresh from winning Olympic gold with the French national team. He will have been part of all the adventures and all the titles with Paris: seven French Championship titles, four Coupes de France and Trophées des Champions Trophy, three Coupes de la Ligue and three Champions League Final4s. In a Parisian jersey, he has scored 508 times in the Lidl StarLigue and 278 in the Velux EHF Champions League.


A record as long as your arm after eight years of living together, which says a lot about the involvement of the left-hander who - in a feat matched only by Mikkel Hansen - who has been there since the beginning of the Paris Saint-Germain Handball project.

Between roucoulettes, chabalas and other acrobatic moves that only he knows the secret of, Luc has delighted the fans at Coubertin in each of his outings - but also those of the opposing teams.


No doubt he will continue to stir up the crowds in Norway, where he will be playing for Elverum. Perhaps he will even return to Coubertin, with his future new team, in the Champions League.

In any case, we wish him all the best for the coming season and for the rest of his career!