Ferran Sole: 'Finish the job!'

Check out the reactions from the Parisian coach and players after this latest Parisian victory (44-32).


"Saint-Raphaël had just won against Nantes and this confident team caused us many problems in the first half. We had a very good second half, with intensity and lots of running, which allowed us to progressively break away on the scoreboard. I am also very happy that we have Nikola back. He was very good every time he had the ball. It bodes well for the future.

"We need a single point to be champions. We must approach the Cesson game with humility and respect, then we can celebrate our title.  A title painstakingly defended and obtained, in a very competitive Lidl StarLigue."


"I am super-happy and proud to be back on the court this afternoon. I was looking forward to this moment. But it's not over yet. I still have work to do. After seven months without a match, the first moments on the court are important. I played my heart out, as usual, without fear or apprehension of injury and that worked out pretty well for me.

"After a tight first period, with mistakes playing out of defence in particular, we allowed Saint-Raphaël to stay in the running. We were able to correct that in the second half. The gap increased significantly and things were easier. In sport, you should never take anything for granted. If we want to be able to celebrate our championship title on Wednesday, we'll have to play a big game and win in Cesson."


"The first half was very difficult. We conceded a lot of goals. It was much better in the second half. We did a good job in defence and that allowed us to win possession score goals easily. The gap increased as we went along and we had a quiet end to the game. Now, we need only one point to be Champions. But we will have to win in Cesson on Wednesday. We have to finish the job.

"I am also very happy that we got Niko back today. He has been training very well with us for some time. It's good that he can come back gradually because we will need him in Cologne."