Elohim Prandi : « je me sens mieux »

L’arrière gauche du Paris Saint-Germain Handball, Elohim Prandi, est revenu sur sa forme physique, après plusieurs blessures consécutives. Il nous parle également de la Lidl StarLigue, à laquelle les Rouge et Bleu participent dimanche après-midi, à Dunkerque, pour le compte de la 22ème journée.

How do you feel after your recent injuries?
Better than before! At my age, being injured three months out of four is frustrating, especially before two major events with the French team - the World Championship and the Olympic Qualification Tournament. It wasn't easy... But I was able to return a week earlier than planned. I was able to work on other things. There was a little bit of apprehension, because I was afraid of hurting myself again... I had trouble jumping normally. Now, it's much better! I'm happy to be back without missing many matches.

Were the competitions you missed with France the most important ones?
They're all important! It's a pleasure to play for France. I love the atmosphere! I want so much to do more with this squad and to go after medals. I worked to come back even stronger than before. There are four of us in my position and I am two events behind. But I will do the maximum with my club to be called upon again.

How do you explain your run of injuries?
The one to the shoulder, was unavoidable. The injury to my ankle is more annoying. It was against Elverum, at the end of the game, and we were well ahead. I would have been better off coasting a bit rather than giving it my all. But it's hard for me to fake it. It showed me that I still have to improve in certain physical aspects. Against Chambéry, I felt better. My fear was much less than before. I could think about my game and less about my ankle. I found some juice and explosiveness. That's important, because it's the basis of my game.

Was there also a mental aspect?
Yes, because even if we can say that we have recovered, there is always the fear of hurting ourselves again. You're afraid of going back too soon and having to do it all again. I don't want to go through that again. It had been four years since I was injured. It's a complicated season and we're pushing hard. We have to be even more careful. I'm back on top physically, I'm better than before and I'm maintaining myself well.

On Sunday, you face Dunkerque. Is it crucial to protect your winning streak?
If we can go undefeated this season, we will do everything to make sure it happens! We have already played the 'big games' on the road, notably those in Nantes and Montpellier. The objective is not to lose a single game. It will not be easy against Dunkerque, because there is fatigue after our round of 16 in the EHF Champions League, against Celje.

You talked about Nantes and Montpellier, you will see them soon at Coubertin. Is the packed scheduled hard to handle?
It's good to face these kinds of teams just before a quarter-final of the Champions League. The level is roughly the same. It can only be good for us!

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(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)