Elohim gets double gong

Elohim Prandi turned in an outstanding performance against Kolstad (28-28) to pick up two awards during EHF Champions League Matchday 8.

As is often the case, the French international was in spectacular form. As well as scoring from beyond nine metres, which he does so powerfully, Elo' also used his dazzling technique to rattle the Norwegian net. At the start of the second half, with David Balaguer and Mathieu Grébille taking it in turns to lead a counter-attack, our left-back found himself in the thick of the action just outside the six-yard box. Off-centre, he unleashed a magnificent shot from the back that hit the bar before crossing the goal line. A magnificent piece of skill that features in this week's Top Goals.

But as well as scoring with style, Elohim was also very effective. His ten goals (from 14 attempts) made him the top scorer for Paris (on a par with Sander Sagosen for Kolstad). He also made a number of fine assists. With all that, it was obvious that Elohim Prandi would feature in the Champions League Matchday 8 Best 7 at left-back.

(Credits: L. Valroff/Team Pics/PSG)