Dylan Nahi: 'Unforgettable moments!'

After a superb success (47-27) against Nîmes and an eighth French league title, the Parisian coach, Viran Morros and Dylan Nahi gave is their thoughts on a wonderful night in the Parisian camp.


"This last Lidl StarLigue match went very well for us. There was a lot of intensity, and the defence worked well - as did the attack. Everyone was very motivated. The players know that the season is not over and that there is still a goal to reach next week. But we have to celebrate this eighth league title.
After the Coupe de France, the league and just two days of rest, the players will dive into the Champions League and the first match against Aalborg."


"It was a special match. The last one of the season here in Coubertin, my last game in Paris too. I have many extraordinary memories of my time here.
Tonight against Nîmes, we defended very well, we ran a lot and scored a lot of goals. We're going to celebrate a bit now that the league season is over, but we're already focused on the Final4.
That's the most important thing. The club has been dreaming of this trophy for several years. It's going to be a very tough competition, but the team is ready to fight for it."


"There were a lot of emotions today. Winning this title is the work of a whole season, a difficult season. We are very happy to claim this trophy, the umpteenth once since 2015. But we still have a big match: the Final4 and this semi-final against Aalborg, which we will prepare for all next week.
Personally, I have had unforgettable moments here at Coubertin, with this shirt on my back. It's a great source of pride!"