Thiago Silva: ‘Start the season well’

Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva joined up with the squad during the China Tour 2019 and spoke to about the Trophée des Champions against Rennes this Saturday at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre at 19:30 local time (13:30 in France).

Thiago, your summer was spent winning the Copa América with Brazil alongside Marquinhos…

“It was magnificent! The team played very well throughout the competition. Winning this trophy next to Marquinhos, who I’m used to playing with here, was fantastic. Everything is very easy between us. And we also have to congratulate the attackers who worked so hard defensively. Wearing my country’s shirt is always special. We almost have an obligation to win when we play at home, in Brazil. We know it’s never easy to win a match of football. We worked very hard, prepared well and we were ready. We did what we had to do and we deserved to win.”


You joined up with your teammates here in China on Wednesday. How was that?

“I am used to having short holidays, it’s part of the job. We are all very motivated at the idea of starting the new campaign, determined to work hard. Preseason is always difficult physically, but we are happy to be here. Now we have to focus on the work.”


Do you feel you’re looking for revenge against Rennes?

“No. Of course it will be important to win this match and start the season with a trophy. Rennes are a very good side, physically, technically and mentally. They showed that at the Stade de France. On Saturday they will be ready. They are an intelligent team. We want to be ready for this match and the season. There’s a title at stake and it’s very important for us and for the club.”


Several players have joined the club and will play their first competitive match with Paris Saint-Germain…

“I hope they will settle in quickly. First of all, we will sit down and have a chat about everything, and then we’ll listen to them sing for their initiation! That will help them feel a little more comfortable with the squad. It’s important. I sang very badly when I arrived at the club. But the most important thing is to feel part of the squad, to feel comfortable!”