Thiago Silva: ‘A decisive match’

Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva spoke to about the crucial UEFA Champions League clash against Liverpool, this Wednesday 28 November at 21:00 at the Parc des Princes.

How is the squad feeling after Saturday's win over Toulouse?
"We are very happy with a 14th win in as many matches. It was a bit harder than usual because Toulouse defended in numbers. We struggled to find space, but it was a good test before Liverpool. I hope we will play better on Wednesday, especially with the final pass. We need to prepare well because it will be a tough game. We need to win at home, play well and prepare well because a loss will make it very difficult for us to go through. We have to play with our heads and our hearts."

Thiago, the prestigious match against Liverpool is next up. What is the key to victory for Paris Saint-Germain?
“We have to play very well to beat Liverpool. An average performance won’t be enough against a team like that. We are talking top level and we need to be perfectly prepared. It’s a decisive match. We have to play with our heads, not only with our hearts. Everyone wants to play, but we have to play smart. There is a lot of quality on both sides and it will be decided on the little details. We will be at home, with our supporters behind us and we are much, much stronger with our fans because the atmosphere at the Parc will be magnificent.”

Are you looking for revenge for the loss in the first game?
“I think that match changed our mentality. After that, we showed more concentration, more aggression and we have had more possession since then. In the Champions League, the little details make the difference. In the first leg, conceding that goal in the final seconds was a real shame because we’d played well in the second half. We deserved to equalise and that third goal really hurt. But we are not looking for revenge, but it will be a decisive match. Victory will put us in a very strong position. We never know what can happen in these matches. We saw Liverpool lose in Belgrade. We recorded a big win over Red Star in the first meeting. We have to be well-prepared.”

Is this a first final of the season?
“Yes. Every match since that first game have been decisive matches. We played very well at home against Red Star Belgrade and deserved the win. Then we drew twice against Napoli. Now we need to win. I am sure the coach will prepare the team well and get the players in the best possible conditions. We need to keep working. We are all focused on that match.”