Moise Kean: 'Very happy to be here'

The new Paris Saint-Germain forward discusses signing for the club, before setting out his ambitions for what is to come.

Moise, you have just signed for Paris Saint-Germain. How are you feeling?
"I chose Paris Saint-Germain because it's a huge club that has won lots of trophies. I feel really important because lots of great players have worn this shirt. I hope I will be worthy of it. I think that coming here and discovering the club and Ligue 1 is a good idea. It's a league that is a very good standard, which also made me want to join Paris Saint-Germain, as well as getting the chance to learn alongside some great players and to be able to bring something to the team."

Have you set any objectives on a personal level?
"I am still young and continue to learn. There are some great players at Paris Saint-Germain, who are more experienced than me. When I will get my chance to play, I will give my all on the pitch. My ambition is to reach the highest level possible and to give everything for the team."

Why have you chosen number 18?
"It's a number that has often been worn by great strikers. Here, I know that Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mauro Icardi have worn it. Lots of great forwards have played here. I want to feature on this list of great players. My new teammates? I spoke with Alessandro Florenzi, who I played with for Italy and asked him a few questions. He spoke positively about the team, the coach and the training sessions... He convinced me!"

How would you describe the kind of player you are to the supporters?
"I hope to be able to show them what I am capable of at the Parc des Princes soon. I saw lots of Paris Saint-Germain matches and lots of images of the supporters. When I found out that I had the chance to come here, I watched them even more! It made me want to play for this team. I am very happy to be here. Ici c’est Paris!"