Mauricio Pochettino : « There were many good things »

Mauricio Pochettino and Neymar Jr reacted to the 2-1 win against Lyon.

Mauricio Pochettino 

"We are in a difficult period because we need to evolve in the best way possible, with not a lot of time to work. I am so happy and very pleased with the effort and the character that we showed after conceding the goal in the second half. I think there were many good things. Of course I am happy with the efforts that they have made to try to link-up between each other so quickly after having no time to work. They are in a very good place getting to know each other and creating links. I am very happy because today was a really good victory."

Neymar Jr

"It was a difficult game! We knew we were facing a great team. It’s always hard to chase after the score when you’re behind, have to run twice as much but everyone deserves congratulations for the sacrifices they made. Really happy to come back with a win at a packed Parc des Princes in front of our supporters. I’m really pleased."