Mauricio Pochettino : "We're always positive"

The day before the Ligue 1 15th round match against Saint-Étienne at 13:00 on Sunday 28 November at the Stade Geoffroy Guichard, the Paris Saint-Germain coach respond to questions from PSG TV and the media. . Extraits.


"We're used to playing in the afternoon or at 21:00. We've got to leave today to go to Saint-Étienne, to sleep there and play at 13:00. But that doesn't change much when it comes to training in the week. The missing guys? We've got to find solutions. Thankfully we've got a large squad. It's good for the players who are low on game time to be in the squad and have the possibility of playing"


"These are things that happen in football. He's an important player for us, as he was for the previous coaches. He has been a fundamental player for the club since his arrival. It's a shame that we can't rely on him this Sunday. We're hoping that he'll be able to find some continuity again and play regularly with the team. We're always positive, and we hope that it'll be his last injury."


"He is carrying himself normally, in a professional manner. He's trying to help the team. It's a positive. He's a player that we know, with a lot of experience, a great champion. He can bring his knowledge, his values. He needs to play. We'll have to see how he adapts to a league that is very different to La Liga. It's difficult to predict that. We've got to give him the time that he needs."


"The players at our disposition are players from the club, that we treat in a human and professional way. The young lads will have the chance to express themselves when they deserve it. Certain players have the level needed to play with the first team of a club like Paris Saint-Germain."