Luis Enrique: "It's a long and winding road ahead"

The Paris Saint-Germain manager answered questions from PSG TV and the media ahead of his side’s rescheduled Matchday 29 game against FC Lorient, which kicks off at 19:00 CET tomorrow at the Stade Yves Allainmat.


"It'll be a very difficult game without much space and against a team that will defend close to their goal. When you're near the bottom of the table, you don't have much to lose, and generally speaking, the teams near the bottom of the table manage to pull off a few unexpected results near the end of the season. There's a lot at stake, and the opportunity to be crowned champions is enough for us to stay attentive."


"We don't have a 'best XI'. Regardless of when we win the league, we'll have deserved it throughout the season. Our focus is on how we win and how we play. I pay attention to what I see in games and in training and to the players' profiles. Depending on which managers you speak to, it's better for a squad and for players if they can see that what they do in training matters. Right now, anyone can play a part in one of our games."


"I hope that we win the title tomorrow, but the most important thing isn't when it happens; it's how we play. Even if we win the league, we'll keep fighting. We were the clear favourites to win the league [at the start of the season], but not everyone manages to win it with so many games left to play. We have the best squad and the biggest budget, so we're almost duty-bound to win the league, but we'll have done so by being better than the rest."


"Without a doubt, the idea of doing something that has never been done before in France and of writing history for our club, for the city and for the country is motivating for us, but for the moment, we've only won one title, the Trophée des Champions. We need to win the league and to keep trying to give everything; it's a long and winding road ahead."