Paredes: 'Keep going like this'

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Leandro Paredes sat down with PSG TV two days before the Coupe de la Ligue final against Lyon to discuss the big game.

Leandro, Paris picked up their third trophy of the season last Friday with the Coupe de France win over Saint-Etienne...
"It was a very tough game but we knew it would be. It was a real test, especially physically, but also because it was our first official match in three months. But we got the result we wanted and we won the Coupe de France, and that's the most important thing."

What's it like playing such a big match in a near-empty stadium?
"It's very hard to get used to... almost impossible. It's a very difficult situiation, but not only for us. It's just as hard for the supporters, for everyone that loves football. We all hope that things will get better soon and that people can return to the stadiums without fear or concerns."

How are you feeling within the squad at the moment?
"Really good! I have the confidence of the coach and my teammates. That's very important for me. I want to give it everything and continue like this, because I'm on the right track."

On Friday we take on Lyon in the Coupe de la Ligue final. What sort of match are you expecting?
"They are a very strong side with many talented players. We all hope to be in top form and that it will be an entertaining final. I know their coach very well and he will do everything to cause us problems so we have to be ready to play our best and focus on our own football. It's the only trophy I haven't won here in France, so of course I want to win it."