Herrera: 'A fantastic squad'

Three days before the UEFA Champions League semi-final between Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig, Ander Herrera spoke to the media via video conference and in perfect French, merci beaucoup!

Against Dortmund, and then Atalanta, we saw Paris Saint-Germain show plenty of character. Has something change?
"I think everyone could see after the game against Borussia Dortmund that something special had happened. But it's still the same squad that started the season. Before joining Paris this summer, I had heard that there were problems between the players, between the Brazilians and the French... But when I got here, a saw that this was a fantastic squad, very united. Everyone wants the same thing and is pulling in the same direction. I wasn't here in previous years, but I suspect this has always been an excellent feeling within the squad."

You are taking on RB Leipzig in the semi-final... what do you think of that team? 
"We have watched this Leipzig side. They played fantastically against Atletico de Madrid (2-1). I know Atletico very well for having often played against them and it's not easy to score against them. We saw a Leipzig side play with a lot of confidence, with defenders stepping forward with the ball into midfield. They are a very offensive side, very brave that create a lot of chances. We will have to defend very well. We respect them and need to prepare very well."

Paris Saint-Germain can count on Angel Di Maria who returns from suspension…
"Obviously Di Maria is an important player who scores a lot of goals and provides a lot of assists. He also knows the stadium here very well because he played for Benfica. But I don't want to talk about just one player. We can play in different formations and with different players. There's not only Di Maria, there's Kylian who is coming back, Neymar Jr had an incredible game, Choupo changed the match, Pablo Sarabia is very reliable. Mauro Icardi was also fantastic against Atalanta. Normally he plays in the middle, but there he put the team first and played wide against Atalanta to make space for Neymar. It's very important for a team that you leave your ego at the door. He fought for every ball. We have confidence in what we can achieve."

What do you think of the format of the Final 8?
"For me, the most important thing in football is the fans. With this format, it's great to see on television, but not all fans don't have the opportunity to travel to a different country to support their team. To respect the supporters, and the history of football, we should play in our stadium. But I agree that there is extra emotion like this, because everything is decided like a tournament, in the same city... But the most important things is the fans and we would prefer to be at home with our supporters."