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Monday August 31 2020
PSG.FR : Calendar of the week/Retro Coupe de France 2019-20
PSG TV : The Daily News

Tuesday September 1 2020
PSG.FR : Retro UEFA Champions League 2019-20
PSG TV : The Daily News/ Retro 2019-2020

Wednesday September 2 2020
PSG.FR : Retro Ligue 1 2019-20/Interview with a player (TBC)/The women's training session in pictures.  
PSG TV : The Daily News/Retro 2019-2020

Thursday September 3 2020
PSG.FR : A look at the new season/The training session in pictures.
PSG TV : The Daily News

Friday September 4 2020
PSG.FR : The calendar for the internationals/The training session in pictures/Olivier Echouafni's press conference
PSG TV : No Comment/The Daily News

Saturday September 5 2020
PSG.FR : The report of Paris Saint-Germain - EA Guingamp (Women's)/The match in pictures/The reactions of the Parisiennes
PSG TV : Post-match reactions from Paris Saint-Germain - EA Guingamp (Women's)

Sunday September 6 2020
PSG.FR : A look at the international matches
PSG TV : Flashback at the Parc des Princes

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