Christophe Galtier: 'We had to inject more energy'

The coach was accompanied by Fabian Ruiz as he spoke to PSGTV after the Parisians' 2-1 win over Nice in Ligue 1's Round 9.


"It's always the case with this kind of match after the international breaks, when many players have travelled and played a lot. We have a very busy schedule with very high objectives, and I decided to start with this eleven to bring freshness but also so that my players can really be a part of this squad. In the first half there were some interesting things - even though we didn't create many situations - but there were some interesting things. And suddenly, at the beginning of the second half, we came in sluggish, without energy, without rhythm or intensity and we let Nice, who played a good match, have a monopoly on the game. And then we got into trouble by chasing the ball, by not winning our challenges, by not playing the ball out as we should have done. And deservedly, Nice equalised. We had to put in more energy, more speed and depth. I am satisfied with Hugo Ekitiké's first match. In a difficult context and against a very compact defence, he worked a lot for the team and made sure he had good technical relationships with his partners. But as soon as we got our attacking trio back together, it put more pressure on the opposition defence, we played the ball out better and we created the chances that allowed us to win."


We knew it would be a difficult game, against a tough opponent. They have very good players and play good football. But we all played a great game. We suffered until the end, but we leave with the three points, that's the most important. I'm happy with my game and, overall, we had a good game. I arrived in Paris with a lack of preparation, training alone and without working with the ball. Little by little, I'm getting back into the rhythm, playing 60-70 minutes a game. In truth, I feel better and better, I'm continuing to work as well as possible and I feel good.