Christophe Galtier: "Thank you to the fans, it was a warm welcome"

Christophe Galtier and Renato Sanches spoke to PSGTV after the victory over Montpellier in the first home match of the Ligue 1 season.


"Thank you to the fans. It was a warm welcome. The stadium was packed, there was a great atmosphere. But the players were also keen to get off to a good start at home, and we had to show the same face as in the two previous matches, in the Trophée des Champions and in Clermont.

I found the team very interesting in the game, with a real desire to score goals, to combine with each other. We brought a lot of danger to the opponent's goal. There was a little bit of slackness, or a little physical lapse during 10 minutes where it was more difficult to make coordinated and collective efforts. This gave Montpellier opportunities. It's probably linked to both the heat and the fitness of the players. It is very hot at the moment in the training sessions. But on the whole we are obviously very satisfied.

We scored five goals, we could have scored more. It's a good sign for the what's ahead. There are still those two goals we conceded, which is never good. Both the goalkeeper and the defenders had a good attacking game. Obviously there are grumbles on the defensive side when we concede goals, there was that slackness due to a little physical lapse, but overall we're happy with this win to have scored 5 goals."


"I feel very good after this evening. I played my first game here, I am so happy, and I scored my goal, I am happy. On the goal, Marquinhos said to me to get up, get up, then I made a run, Nuno gave me the ball, I hit it, and it went in! It meant a lot to me.... We have a lot of players with lots of quality, and I think we will have a good season this year."