Areola: 'Keep winning'

Before joining up with the France national team, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Alphonse Areola looked back over the 2018-19 season:

Alphonse, you are crowned French champion for the third time in your career... What does this title represent for you?
"A lot. We are used to winning the league, so everyone thinks its normal, that it's easy, but it's the opposite. It's a lot of hard work, day after day. We come and train, train hard and prepare for every game... we make a lot of sacrifices to win these titles and at the end of the season, we are very proud if we win a trophy. It's true that we don't celebrate it like we did the first time we won it, but it is still something very important and that we want to experience again and again."

Last summer you were crowned world champion and returned to the club after the start of the season. How was it getting back into action with your club?
"We were crowned world champions so we celebrated! It's the ultimate prize for a footballer. But you are also impatient to get back to work and you're happy to come back and see your teammates again. I had already spoken to  Thomas Tuchel and I was also excited at the idea of working with a legend like Gigi Buffon. The decision was very clear right from the start: share the goalkeeping duties. We had to do it and we both worked together to try and give everything for the team."

What are your objectives for the coming season?
"First and foremost: keep on winning. That's the hardest thing. We saw it again this season. Everyone wants to beat us, everywhere we play and we have to be ready to face that each and every week."