"We need to be prudent and pull together in order to fight this virus"

Bruno, the President of the PSG Fan Club Guadeloupe, tells us how quarantaine is going on his island, and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on his daily life..

Bruno, the President of the Fan Club Guadeloupe, shares with us his feelings about the COVID-19 health crisis: "We're going through this period with a lot of anxiety and we try to stay up to date with things every day as the news comes in. On Whatsapp we stay in contact with the other Fan Clubs. It's very frustrating for us as we had planned to come to France for the matches against Metz and Saint-Etienne as well as the quarter-final of the Champions League."


In spite of the gap left by the lack of Paris Saint-Germain matches, the Fan Club Guadeloupe and their President maintain a daily link with their adored club: "When it comes to Paris Saint-Germain, it's the same thing, we're waiting. The team were on a good run with very good results. We watch matches and memorable moves on the club website in order to relax and to remind ourselves of great moments in our history. We can't wait to get our club back. Paris Saint-Germain is part of our life, on a daily basis, and we miss the club a lot."


An absence that has been felt more and more since the qualification for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Going from the intense joy of qualifying to this calm period without the club playing is a rollercoaster of emotions: "The win against Dortmund was particularly emotional. We were confident even when it was announced that the match would be played behind closed doors. We know that we have great players and we knew the team would qualify in style. That's what happened. From the start of the game we could see that the players were determined and committed and it was good to see. From that time on I knew that Paris Saint-Germain were going to qualify. Here at the Fan Club Guadeloupe, we always believe in the team and we're proud of the way the players give everything for the shirt. We must never doubt them. We're still competing on four fronts. We need to win the domestic trophies and go as far as possible in the Champions League. The team was having a great season before the matches were stopped."

Faced by this crisis, Bruno wanted to get one last message across: "We must listen to the advice and be be very careful. What's going on at the moment is very serious and we need to be prudent and pull together in order to fight this virus. Stay at home and protect yourself, those are the two things to be remembered at the moment. It's very difficult living in confinement, the days are long and we have only one burning desire, that's to get back to our lives and to see Paris Saint-Germain play again."