The young Parisians pay a visit to the patients at Poissy-Saint-Germain Hospital

On Tuesday 11 February, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation - Les Enfants d’Abord organised a visit by the men’s U-19 team to the children’s ward at Poissy-Saint-Germain Hospital.

Touring the ward in groups, the players spent time with children at their bedsides before joining the hospital’s more able-bodied young patients for some sport-themed fun and games, selfie and autograph sessions, and a tea party organised by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation. It was a chance for everyone to share in some fun and laughter.

Eagerly awaited by the young patients, the visit also brought a smile to the faces of the caregivers at Poissy-Saint-Germain Hospital (CHIPS) and all the staff at the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation.

Jean-Gabriel Mastrangelo, a senior executive at CHIPS, highlighted the positive impact that such visits have on the children there: “We are delighted to welcome the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, which has a very high profile in the region. When they’re in hospital it’s essential for children to be in good spirits and cheerful, which is also vital to their recovery from illness and their return to everyday life.”

“These visits are very special moments for children in hospital, added Sabrina Delannoy, deputy director of the Paris Saint Saint-Germain Foundation. The moments they share with the players bring them an awful lot of comfort in their lives. And for the footballers themselves it’s a special moment that they always cherish.”

Paris Saint-Germain U-19 player Ziyad Larkeche echoed that sentiment: “It’s important for us to come and visit sick children. We know that they don’t have it easy in their everyday lives, and it’s been a moving experience for us. We’ve got little brothers and sisters who could be in their shoes, and these are powerful moments where we try to be very positive and to pass that on to them. It puts things into perspective. We’re playing sport at the highest level and it’s very demanding with lots of pressure, but experiences like this just make you think about things.”

Also paying a visit to the youngsters was the magician Maxime Tabart, Paris Saint-Germain YouTuber ArsèneF5 and the freestyle footballer Wass Freestyle, all three of whom are a big hit with younger generations.

Photos : Jérôme Dupouy/Ville de Poissy