Statement by Paris Saint-Germain

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Paris Saint Germain reaffirms its firm condemnation of all forms of discrimination, racism or ethnic monitoring.

  • Paris Saint Germain confirms that forms with illegal content were used between 2013 and 2018 by the training centre’s department responsible for player scouting outside the Ile de France region. These forms were introduced at the sole personal initiative of the head of this department.
  • On being made aware of this at the start of October 2018, Paris Saint-Germain launched an internal investigation to understand how such practices could have existed and to decide on the necessary measures to be taken.
  • As the emergence of the club’s young talents proves, scouting at Paris Saint-Germain is decided solely on a skills and behavioural basis, both on the pitch and within the group.

At the start of October the Club was contacted by journalists from the media consortium EIC regarding the preparation of a story regarding forms used by employees of the department responsible for scouting outside the Ile de France region. These forms contained an unacceptable identification field.

The Club’s General Management at no time was aware of an ethnic monitoring within the scouting department or ever in possession of such a form. In view of the information mentioned, these forms betray the spirit and values of Paris Saint-Germain.

The EIC media consortium's investigation links this to reprehensible statements allegedly made in 2014 by the head of the training centre’s department for scouting outside the Ile de France region. At the time, the Works Council referred the matter to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Claude Blanc, who firmly recalled the rules and values that should guide the recruitment of a player to the Club. As there was no concrete evidence to corroborate these statements, the Club was unable to implement the appropriate disciplinary measures.

From the first contact with the consortium's journalists, Paris Saint-Germain, accompanied by a law firm, launched an internal investigation to understand how such practices could have existed and decide on the necessary measures.

Pending the conclusions of the internal investigation, the Club has already undertaken to:

  1. Define a controlled methodology for scouting

The Management, Human Resources and Compliance departments are working on defining a new procedure for recruiting young athletes, which will be applied by all Club scouts and regularly monitored.

  1. Implement a Code of Conduct

This code will reaffirm the values and ethical practices to be respected, beyond the sports section, by all employees of the Club.

  1. Set up an ethical alert procedure

An ethical alert procedure will be established that will allow the collection of alerts for analysis and processing, while ensuring effective protection of the persons, regardless of their origin. This procedure will play a central role in maintaining and developing correct practices. It will also allow Paris Saint-Germain to protect itself by being informed of unethical behaviour and practices including those related to business.

  1. Strengthen the promotion of an ethical culture among all Club employees

Under the responsibility of the Management, Human Resources will set up awareness programmes aimed at developing ethical values and promoting the adoption of good practices and ensuring their application.

The fight against all forms of discrimination is a fundamental commitment of the Club, demonstrated both through the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation as well as the Club’s work alongside recognised charities such as SOS Racisme, LICRA, Paris Foot Gay or Sportitude.

For the past ten years, Paris Saint Germain has also been fighting against all forms of stadium violence and racism. Through this commitment and the initiatives for integration and inclusion led by its Foundation since 2000, Paris Saint-Germain works on a daily basis to promote respect for fundamental rights and inclusion.