PSG Esports Rocket League team compete in the World Championship

Over this past weekend, three Paris Saint-Germain players competed among the world’s best Rocket League players at the Prudential Center in New Jersey at the Rocket League Championship Series Season 7!

Esports for the uninitiated can be something of a minefield, yet it is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world. The popularity of Esports has reached a height whereby professional teams of experts in a particular game compete in front of adoring audiences of thousands. This weekend, one of Paris Saint-Germain's esports teams competed in a World Championship for the game 'Rocketleague' in New Jersey, USA. The game has been described as 'bumper cars meets soccer' and is one of the most popular sports amongst gamers. 


The PSG Esports Rocket League team, compromising of Fruity, Chausette and Ferra, took on the Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 this past weekend, facing the world’s best. They competed in Group A against NRG and INTZ, finishing second in the group after beating INTZ 3-0. Then, in the Quarterfinals, Paris Saint-Germain faced the tournament’s finalists, G2 Esports, who just lost by 3 goals to 2. Eventually finishing between 5th and 8th, saw the Paris Saint-Germain Esports team bring home a total prize earning of $22,375, the same as their European rivals, FC Barcelona. 



The peak viewership of the tournament hit over 200,000 viewers, showing the reach a tournament like this obtains. The World Championship finals had a cracking atmosphere at the Prudential Center, showing the interactive side of Esports. On Sunday, the Rocket League World Championship broke the world record for the longest wave in the history at over 18 minutes. These were the type of events over the weekend that show the engaged and excited Rocket League Esports community, with the future looking ever so bright. 

The final countdown of the longest wave in the history

The tournament’s results sees the PSG Esports team ranked third in Europe for Rocket League, as Fruity, Chausette and Ferra look to keep improving in becoming one of the world’s best. The second most represented nation in terms of participating players was from France, at 16%, including Paris Saint-Germain’s Ferra and Chausette. This shows the clear interest for the sport in France, where our club is based. 

The impressive opening goal from Ferra against INTZ

With a strong performance against INTZ and a narrow loss against G2 Esports, we can hold our heads high and go firing into the next tournament. Now, looking to the future, our Esports Rocket League team looks to build on their impressive performances and use the painful exit as fuel for the next tournament.