PSG Esports kicks off its FIFA season in London

Nkantee and Amarr will represent Paris in the prestigious EA SPORTS CUP, followed by millions of fans from across the globe.

Watch the matches today, from 7pm CET

Paris Saint-Germain was one of the 20 teams selected to take part in the first edition of the EA Sport Cup, which starts this month in London. Rising star Amarr, who was voted MVP in the eLigue 1 in 2022, has joined the Parisian team for the 2022-2023 season alongside the highly talented Nkantee, who plays for France and was semi-finalist in the eLigue 1 and two-time national champion in the FFF Draft. Together, they will represent the Parisian club in this first large-scale 2v2 competition on FIFA 2023.

Paris Saint-Germain is the only French football club to take part in this competition, which is being held in a closed league made up of football clubs and pure eSports players. In Group D, PSG eSports will play Manchester City, Fokus, Ajax Amsterdam and Team Heretics.

During their visit to Paris last week, the two champions were introduced to the press at the PSG eSports studio in Boulogne-Billancourt, where the PSG Academy eSports sessions will be held during the Christmas holidays.

On this occasion, the club also announced the arrival of its new coach, Jonathan Khalfa, who will guide these players by organising their training sessions, managing their nutrition, and helping them improve their skills through muscle building and mental preparation.

"This season, we are going to treat fans of FIFA and Paris Saint-Germain to some unforgettable emotions!” promised Nkantee. “When you wear the club shirt, all you want to do is to play as well as you possibly can and win competitions. With Amarr as my new teammate, we want to go far!”

"For me, signing with Paris Saint-Germain is a source of great pride!" added Amarr. “Everybody has been so welcoming, and I can tell that Nkantee and I are going to send sparks flying. We’re going to London to play against the world’s top teams. We’ll give everything we can to do our team proud."

"We are delighted that PSG eSports has been selected alongside the world’s top teams to take part in the first-ever EA Sports Cup," explained Nadia Benmokhtar, brand development manager at Paris Saint-Germain. "Amarr and Nkantee make a highly talented, balanced team. Together, we are ready to rise to this first challenge, which will allow us to come to the eLigue1 on a good footing.

"With the arrival of Jonathan Khalfa this season, our aim is to make our approach to competition even more professional and provide even more guidance for our players in terms of the preparation they need to perform well. This will be extended to all of the young players taking part in the PSG Academy eSports sessions in the Christmas holidays.”

Paris Saint-Germain has become a major player in the eSports scene. Proof of its lightning progress and excellence, Paris Saint-Germain eSports has professional teams competing on six different games and has already won 17 trophies since it was created in 2016.