'Protect ourselves and protect others'

Alain, the President of the PSG Fan Club in La Réunion explains how life looks on lockdown on his island and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on his daily routine.

Alain, President of the Fan Club in La Réunion gives his take on the COVID-19 crisis and details the way in which his Fan Club is helping those in need. "On the island, we are lucky that we have been scarcely impacted by Covid-19, we are respecting the rules in place and for the moment, we have very few cases. Our daily lives have changed with the lockdown. But with the Fan Club de La Réunion we are very active, we have permission go out and pick up goods and deliver them to those in need. We are also making meals for the homeless, we have really come together as a group. We respect the security measures in place, because we can be out there helping people. There are people that live in very isolated villages on La Réunion that you can only get to on foot. We have already sent four tons of goods to around 200 families by helicopter or on foot. We are bringing them the products they need." 


Since the victory over Dortmund in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, the supporters have been keeping in touch and are doing all they can to remain close. "We are in touch and speak a lot on Skype or by email. We are waiting for just one thing, that the league and Champions League get back underway, and the cups too. Of course, we can't wait to find out what will happen because we see that PSG has qualified across the board and we hope that this won't stop because we are favourites for the cups, the league and we are one of the favourites for the Champions League. For the Round of 16 of the Champions League against Dortmund, we were 300 supporters from the fan club, it was a huge turnout! Especially given that the match started at midnight here. We let off fireworks, we had flags, it was an incredible atmosphere! We were already proud of the players, who gave their all despite it being played behind closed doors, which isn't easy. We were also very proud of the players because in the first leg, we weren't really at the races, but didn't play a bad match. I think we felt the spirit of this team, which is good for what is to come. The cohesion between the players delighted us, the team was together, even those on the bench. There was an incredible union between them and that's often the case for teams that go very far. When people get on well on the pitch, it often goes very well."


For Alain, his objectives don't change and Paris Saint-Germain need to aim very high. "We want to win everything, everything! The Trophée des Champions is in the bag, we now need to win the league, the two cups and the Champions League!"

Alain wanted to send a final message given the current health crisis: "We need to protect ourselves and protect others too, even though youngsters are less impacted. We need to protect our families. Nothing is more important than family."