Paris Saint-Germain x Pitta Mask partnership announced

Paris Saint-Germain and Arax, the Japanese company, which is leader in stylish masks, are pleased to announce that they have signed a global sponsorship agreement. On that occasion, support the team with 7 new masks. A world debut for this long-awaited design.

While PITTA MASKs are not designed to protect against COVID-19, they provide a fashionable and practical face covering for fans. PITTA MASKs are available in 14 colours, 3 sizes, and 13 package variations. They are also breathable and comfortable to wear.

So far, Arax has been promoting the "mask = fashion" culture by encouraging people to wear masks as a fashion item and by co-sponsoring fashion shows in Japan and overseas. Due to the great response in Japan, Arax decided to collaborate with Paris Saint-Germain in order to further promote the PITTA MASK for fashion, comfort and sport.

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most famous and renowned clubs across the world, with a reputation for being innovative and entering lifestyle-led collaborations with famous brands and designers. The “PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN x PITTA MASK” special edition masks will go on sale worldwide in Paris Saint-Germain stores and on the club’s e-commerce platforms in summer 2021 (exact date TBC), and all seven designs are being unveiled for the first time.

As a pioneer in spreading the Japanese culture of wearing masks fashionably – and since masks have become an indispensable everyday item – Arax will be able to promote this new culture of wearing masks worldwide, thanks to Paris Saint-Germain’s support.

Marc Armstrong, Chief Partnerships Officer at Paris Saint-Germain, comments: “We are delighted to welcome PITTA MASK to the Paris Saint-Germain partner family. As masks have become an important part of our everyday lives, it is great for us to be able to enter into such a partnership. We are also excited to help PITTA MASK’s global launch, and we believe this partnership is a win-win for both the brand and the club.

Sébastien Wasels, Managing Director Asia Pacific at Paris Saint-Germain, adds: “We are proud to have a new Japanese partner at the club, which will help to support our dynamic development in the country following the successful launch of our local stores, dedicated digital platforms and fan events all over Japan. We boast more and more local fans, and we are confident that this partnership will contribute to this growing passion in Japan and all over Asia.”

Yoshiyasu Arakawa, Vice President and Representative Director of Arax says: “By signing this contract with Paris Saint-Germain, a club that has over 100 million followers on social networks worldwide we are encouraging people all over the world to wear our masks as a fashion item. We will continue to promote the fun side of wearing a mask and will continue to promote the value of masks and their possibilities.


Founded in Japan in 2013, PITTA MASK achieves both high filter performance and breathability by using a new polyurethane material developed using a special technology. It is soft to the touch, reducing the strain on your ears and meaning you can wear it for long periods. We are promoting a new culture called "MASK x FASHION" where you can choose your mask according to your outfit and mood, so that you can enjoy wearing a mask. Ranging from monochrome to multicoloured, the 14 colours, 3 sizes and 13 package variations increase the enjoyment of choosing a mask. It received the 2014 Good Design / Manufacturing Design Award at the Good Design Awards, which is a design recommendation campaign sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


Seven different types of PITTA MASK are being developed as the official mask of Paris Saint-Germain, in Paris Saint-Germain’s colours. This design is a stylish addition to any outfit, whether it is a uniform, casual clothes, or a suit. We will prepare two patterns: one with a logo and one printed.

Size: regular


Print/Khaki, Grey, Light Grey

Logo/Navy, Red, White, Grey

On sale from Summer 2021 (TBC)


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