Paris Saint-Germain take up residence in Florida with the most ambitious academy ever opened by a European club in the United States

Paris Saint-Germain is setting up the largest academy run by a European club, adding to its high profile in the US with over 7 million fans on social media

Today, Paris Saint-Germain Brand Diversification Director Fabien Allègre and Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA President Ravy Truchot officially opened the new site of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, in Florida, which marks the starting point of their ambitious Paris Saint-Germain Academy campaign that is set to spread across the United States. The event took place the day after the Superbowl LIV Miami and was attended by club legend Maxwell Scherrer. It is the largest site ever occupied by a European club academy on American soil and the first campus to host the world’s first Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro residency program.

The official franchise-holder for Paris Saint-Germain in America since 2012, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA today welcomes over 1,500 children in Florida and opened a new Academy in Los Angeles last summer. Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA aims to open new sites in the next few months, and then gradually expand into ten or so additional Academies on American soil, with the aim of taking more than 10.000 budding footballers under their wing within the next three years. To support its expansion strategy in the US, the Club will aim to engage new partners among US domestic clubs to bring their expertise to PSG Academy USA. These partners would be key players in Paris Saint-Germain ability to reach its objective of three to five new academies per year.

Ravy Truchot, President of Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA, announced: “With this state-of-the-art Campus, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA has become a stronghold for football in the United States. We are operating on an outstanding site here that includes five pitches and boasts top-class facilities, including a 20,000-seater stadium and a residential program that can welcome over 100 young players per season. From these headquarters, we will share the club’s expertise in terms of football coaching methods in order to shape a new generation of American players both on and off the pitch.”

Fabien Allègre, Director of Brand Diversification at Paris Saint-Germain, added: “We are delighted to officially launch our ambitious American campaign. We have worked with Ravy Truchot for over 7 years. Over 1,500 children have already been trained at his facilities and we are convinced that he is the best partner for providing America’s young footballers with an outstanding environment in which they can progress and flourish.”

Three new academies will be set up in other US states in 2020.

Year-round, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy welcomes more than 18,500 children aged between 4 and 17 in 14 countries across the globe: France, Brazil, Canada, the USA, the UK, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, Russia and Thailand.

These Paris Saint-Germain Academies symbolize Paris Saint-Germain’s fierce devotion to training young players, both in terms of sport and of education. Aimed at girls as well as boys, the Paris Saint-Germain Academies give all football fans a unique opportunity to share the values of a successful European club, which is recognized worldwide for its expertise in terms of education and top-quality training.