Paris Saint-Germain and LGD Gaming part company after 5 successful years

Partners for five productive years, Paris Saint-Germain and LGD Gaming have brought an end to their collaboration. Since 2018, the PSG.LGD team has performed on every continent, establishing itself as one of the best outfits in the world in Dota 2. With the team having reached a turning point in its development, the club and its partner found they had different strategic visions.

Paris Saint-Germain and LGD Gaming combined to create a competitive team, one capable of competing at the very highest level internationally, as it showed in scoring second places at The International (TI) in 2018 and 2021 and winning the WePlay AniMajor and the Riyadh Masters 2022.

Paris Saint-Germain Brand Director Fabien Allègre said: “Paris Saint-Germain would like to thank LGD Gaming, having achieved with it some excellent results on one of the most popular video games in the world. Over these last five years, Paris Saint-Germain has positioned itself as a major global player in Esports. The club will continue to pursue its Esports strategy and consolidate its presence in these competitions so it can reach non-traditional football audiences and contribute to the club’s growing popularity around the world.”


Paris Saint-Germain continues to engage its millions of fans on League of Legends, Arena of Valor, EAFC and Rocket League. Its development in the world of Esports remains a priority, as does its participation in the global elite in the most popular and attractive competitions on the planet