Great Success of Club Events for Supporters in Asia!

Last weekend, Paris Saint-Germain seized the prime-time broadcast opportunity in Asia of the match between Le Havre and Paris Saint-Germain to provide supporters in China and South Korea with an opportunity to come together and share their passion for the Club.

In Macau and Seoul, over 1,000 people attended these 100% Paris Saint-Germain events around the match, featuring live music acts including DJs and a pop-up store with exclusive PSG merchandises. Beyond the celebration, these gatherings attest to the growing popularity of the Club in Asia, a result of a decade of commitment and dedication.

To date, Paris Saint-Germain has established a solid presence in China, now with Academies in Macau and Hong Kong. The Club also travelled to South Korea for the first time in its history last August as part of the Summer Tour, and continue to expand its footprints in the country with its PSG Academy and official store, and more recently its a partnership with Paris Baguette. Additionally, in Japan, PSG boasts iconic stores and a promising Academy.

This dynamic presence in Asia is the outcome of continuous efforts, especially since 2018, led by the Paris Saint-Germain Asia-Pacific office based in Singapore, with branches in Tokyo and Shanghai.

This passionate team tirelessly works to strengthen the bonds between PSG and its Asian fans. PSG continues to carve its path globally, uniting fans across borders and celebrating the passion for football. Stay tuned to discover the next chapters of this captivating story!