Activities day for the medical-educational Institute Le Phare !

To mark the Olympics and Paralympics week, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation came together with its partner the medical-educational Institute Le Phare in order to organise handicapped sport workshops and artistic activities.

The objective of the day: making youngsters more aware of the themes of fair play, sporting values, equality, health and inclusivity when it comes to students with handicaps. On the agenda, 3 activities:

- Initiation to cecifoot indoors (blind football)

- Initiation to using a wheelchair outside

- Artistic creation and activities workshop

The 60 youngsters at the Institute were lucky enough to be visited by Moise Kean and the street artist JonOne, who got involved and took part with pleasure in the activities, working on some paintings with the kids!

The day was punctuated by photos, autographs and presents distributed by Moise Kean, to the great delight of the youngsters.