A dynamic return to school for the Academy in Thailand

While it was one of the Academy campuses most impacted by the COVID 19 epidemic (closed from February to June), the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Thailand wasn't wasting time during these 5 months of forced shutdown.

On the contrary, our local partner and project director, Sebastien Roques, worked on the consolidation of the program and an ambitious development plan launched this July! This growth notably involved setting up partnerships with prestigious school groups, such as the "American School of Bangkok" group, which has four campuses in the Thai capital, and the BCIS, the ultra-modern French and international school in Phuket.

The start of the new school year promises to be a busy one, with the opening of five new sites, in addition to the six existing academies, for a national total of 11 football schools and around 600 players. Zoom in on this dynamic start to the new school year:


The new partnership with the American School of Bangkok will allow the Academy to establish itself across four campuses (Sukhumvit, Kindergarden, Green Valley and Didyasarin).

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy will be in charge of the school football program, extracurricular activities (after school) and the Academy on weekends.

In addition to this, the Academy will continue to operate the Rama III (with around 40 children in 19-20), Grand Soccer Pro On-Nit (photo - 30 U14-U16 players) and Chattuchak sites welcoming the youngest (5 to 13 years old) in a premium setting within a golf academy.

The technical management in Bangkok, led by French coach Simon Geretto, with French-Brazilian and Brazilian coaches in attendance, will be responsible for running the training sessions in accordance with the club's methodology.


Popular with tourists, the Phuket peninsula contains a city of nearly 100,000 inhabitants where Thai people and expatriates - including many Paris Saint-Germain fans - live side by side.

Since June, the PR20 website has already welcomed 95 players to the club's programs.

A new partnership with the BCIS international school will offer an additional high quality site within a top-of-the-range sports complex (1 field for 7x7, 2 fields for 3x3, and soon, a field for 11 and a covered field) from August.

The sites in Phuket are under the technical direction of the Frenchman Jean-Robert Jaffré, UEFA A certified coach by the FFF and installed in Thailand for 10 years.


Finally, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy also has locations in the two seaside towns of Hua Hin and Koh Samui, within high-level infrastructures.

The Hua Hin site, the first to open in Thailand, is managed directly by Sebastien Roques, and has over 50 students. The True Arena complex, equipped with two pitches for 11, a fitness room, a swimming pool and tennis courts, represents an ideal place for year-round football school, as well as for tournaments or holiday camps.

Finally, the Koh Samui site is the "elite" site of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Thailand, opened in partnership with the Wat Klang School. Managed by Robert Procureur, a professional coach who has been crowned champion of Thailand several times, this Academy offers an in-depth program, with accommodation, schooling and daily training.

It currently has 80 players in an environment conducive to high-level football.


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Thailand, which opened just over a year ago, continues its impressive expansion, while maintaining high standards in terms of the quality of the welcome offered to each player, the level of training and the transmission of the Paris Saint-Germain methodology and values.