50th anniversary: The origins of the club 1/12

Paris Saint-Germain will soon celebrate the club's 50e anniversary. We're going to help you relive, in 12 key dates, the major moments of the capital club's founding in 1970, the club with the most trophies in France. Today, act 1: May 27 1970.

The Paris Football-Club association, officially born on July 7 1969 for the creation of a big football club in Paris, for a long time hoped to kick off straight off in the top division. But opposition from several clubs in France ended up modifying the plans of the Paris directors, led by Pierre-Etienne Guyot and Guy Crescent.

A partner club needed to be found and in the end Stade Sangermanois, an amateur club scheduled to start the 1970-1971 season in the National division (nowadays Ligue 2) accepted the start of of a process to create a new big club in Paris, one that could become resident at the brand new Parc des Princes, still under construction. 

On May 27 1970, the general assembly of the associates of Paris Football-Club need to give their agreement to the merger with the club from Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Voted through unanimously, the principle of a merger is accepted. 

The next stage: June 4 1970, the Stade Sangermanois board need in turn to get together and decide if they'll accept the merger with the ambitious Parisian project, backed by the Fédération Française de Football (FFF).