The Paris Saint-Germain Academy eSports symbolises the interest that the club has for the world of eSports and to the development of the academy.

This program was put in place to help teach eSports through courses and practice sessions on different video games. These lessons are given online with coaching online or in person during organised periods in the Paris Saint-Germain studio.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy eSports, destined to all players, beginners or advanced, gives a unique opportunity for all people passionate about gaming to improve thanks to the club's training methods. Known worldwide for the quality of the teaching and the know how in terms of performance. The club puts the sharing of strong teaching beliefs at the heart of the project.

That way, in addition to improving them on a performance level, the goal is also to show these young gamers an ethical and responsible way of playing video games.

All of the coaches on the Paris Saint-Germain Academy eSports program are sensitized to the right behavior, like the monitoring of screen time or the limits to fix yourself to play in the best condition.

To be certified by the Paris Saint-Germain eSports, all the coaches are taught, tested and followed by Maniika, professional Paris Saint-Germain Esports player and Head Coach of the Academy. That is done to maintain the training methodology of Paris Saint-Germain eSport.

Online coaching

The Paris Saint-Germain eSports Academy is an online coaching platform focused on training and coaching amateur players. It allows video game fans, whatever their skill level, to book individual online lessons with professional players from the eSports scene.

Today, individual coaching is considered to be the most effective way to improve one's playing performance. Through discussions and role-playing, eSports Academy coaches help players identify their weak points and correct them. During the sessions, all aspects of the game are addressed: technique, tactics and even the mental aspect, in order to allow players to develop the mastery of the game that is essential to their development.

Test the Paris Saint-Germain eSports Academy's services on line:

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Rates: from €20 an hour.

Courses and internships at the Paris Saint-Germain Studio

Located in Boulogne-Billancourt, the Paris Saint-Germain Studio hosts different types of training sessions for various audiences. Thus, children or adults, beginners or advanced and all fans of gaming and Paris Saint-Germain will have the opportunity to come and train in an exceptional setting, accompanied by professional coaches.

100% eSports courses are offered for different games and different media (PC or consoles), and on formats ranging from recreational (leisure practice) to competitive (performance research).

Other courses combining football and e-football are also being organised, in order to create a bridge between two activities in which Paris Saint-Germain excels, and to offer a fun and educational experience to participants.

Booking information will be available soon.